Just a quickie…

Today I met a lovely man for a couple of pints after work, and yet my mind was only on the VERY nice Kiwi I met last night, late last night.

I’ve been having trouble with decisions lately…this may not be one of them.

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The Gardener and The Thespian…

Interdisciplinary delights…

Ok. So last time I posted I told you I was waiting to go out on a Grindate organised the previous day, well I got stood up. IMAGINE. This naturally made my little man unhappy as he’d been raring to go all day and quite excited at round two, and after drinking a swift bottle of red reaching for the mask was an easy step, so away I clicked. Low and behold I was in luck, two previously primed boys popped up and dropped me those same same greetings of Hey and my personal fav Hiiiii! (insert camp screeetch).

Now, one of these lads was a boy I had already poked the previous week but had been preparing him for a couple of months but had never actually met up as we were too far away whenever the urge struck us to go Orange. He was eager as anything to have another ride on my well experienced pogo stick so I kept his embers glowing whilst I got my boots tied, he (The Thespian) was my insurance policy, I was off to see The Gardener.

The Gardener, so called as his house/room was packed with plants (namely rows upon rows of orchids in varying states of death and decay) and his constant chatter about all things green. Safe to assume I was not there for any horticultural education I was there to get my end away and by the looks of the situation I had got myself into I should make it a fast one. This guy was not only quite dull, he was nervous as hell, not that hot, and quite frankly nowhere near my kind of bedfellow. In this moment I guess I just saw him as just a cock, something I try never to feel as nobody is little more than their genitals.

This particular chap thought I was a hot office worker, his words not mine, as I was wearing a casual shirt and tie from my normal non-office job, I let this ruse go as I could see it would make it hot for him and even more naughty for me. I ran with it, I was the head of my own indie music label and I had a nice flat in Islington and a dog, A DOG!  Why a dog I don’t know, but it just happened and he seemed to like dogs, all this taking place whilst I was plied with cheap white wine and attempted sensual sideways looks. Anyway, these details are necessary to set the scene as the action got underway very quickly with my removing all his clothes within seconds finding a very wet, VERY hard cock waiting for a crevice to nestle in. My tales of music management and my cheap tie had obviously had done the trick!

The usual things began to play out, a bit of inaccurate smooching, and bit of 69 action, then a bit of me being rimmed wearing my shirt and tie and nothing else but a smile. It was enjoying it, thats for sure. I managed to manoeuvre our friend of all things floral into the missionary (despite his idea that he was going to top) and got all lubed up, ready to take the plunge, I gave one last tug on his cock to prepare him for entry and  the worst thing happened…the bugger began to cum. What a sod, all my ground work to make this shag the best I could out of a potentially uncharged encounter had worked too well and I was left stranded and unsatisfied. What else could I do but leave him to lie there panting whilst I tugged off the lubed up Durex and grabbed my cock to finish the job. This prompted him to try to start the sucking again, but I had other ideas, this was over, we were only one ejaculation from me hitting the streets once more. This came sooner than even I had anticipated (may have been the room odouriser!) and to make some kind of recompense for his premature actions, just prior to my own culmination I grabbed the scruff of his neck and let him go down on me. I think he may have been a little stunned by what he received but it made the whole thing very sexy for me and made the journey all the way round the corner worth it’s while.

I made my excuses and left quickly, after all I had a date with the Thespian. It was a good thing I had made an insurance plan after all, now I could still get all the poking my libido required and all within 10 easy minutes of walking. I buzzed the buzzer and stumbled up the stairs, the two shades of wine had let their effects be known, and was let in by a scantily clad gent looking quite tired but bearing a smile nonetheless. I was ushered into the bedroom without an offer of a glass of wine and was gently striped of the shirt and tie that was my downfall previously that evening. There was a short exchange of pleasantries and a swift removal of our underclothes followed. We had a go at getting things going but I think the late hour and my recent experience were to blame for us giving up and turning in. I must have passed out fairly quickly because morning arrived without warning. The usual goodbye smooch and ‘walk of shame’ followed and that was that.

The Thespian is a kind and forgiving gent and I’m sure to see him again, The Gardener was non of these things and it’s safe to say I will not be knocking on his door, he may knock on mine but only time will tell if touching orange will lead me to those horticultural delights again…

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The Platform…


Ok. So, day two of GroundBeef101. I’ve had a few adds on my associated Facebook page Grund Buff, and if any of those apply to you I thank you and I hope you enjoy what you find.

I’m actually killing time (if you like) as I’m actually waiting to go an Grind I organised last night with a very nice chap I spent a ‘lazy’ afternoon with a couple weeks back. So it’s actually date two, this time its going to be even more dirty I just know it. Don’t worry, I will tell all tomorrow.

Now, as for the platform, the total opposite to date two. This was Grindr in it’s most stereotypical form, an absolutely testosterone fueled instant match for one thing, and one thing only, and safe to say it was amazingly hot. So, to set the scene I’ve just got in from work and I reach for my phone. Within seconds I hear a familiar sound and that means there’s an offer…

The message said “I’m on the platform and my train’s due in in 5 minutes should I miss it and get the next?”. Me, being slightly easy, asked what he was after, I received “well, if you’ve got 20mins I’ll suck you off, just promise to cum on my face!”. The bit of me that knew the train station was 5 mins walk away did the maths, can I cum in 10 mins and not make this poor boy miss his last train?! Of course at this moment I was not thinking about the clean up job, again I’ll say it, poor boy.

The rest is pretty dull. He arrives, I whip out my primed cock and he crouches on the doormat. He gets his wish, and I get to pull a face only a true love should have the pleasure of seeing. But shit, the train! A quick wipe with a flyer from the nearby letterbox of the shared building and I sent him on his way. I never did ask his name. Oh well, he liked it.

It’s encounters like this that remind me I’m not the only man in this world who loves a quickie. He asked and I graciously indulged his fantasy. I hope this nameless boy left feeling satisfied and supplied with rich enough memories for many a tommy tank to come. As for me, I was pretty satisfied, after all it only took 10mins of my time, just enough time for my pizza to be cooked to perfection…

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The Pink News…

This news story is what it’s all about.



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Not just sexy stuff…

Cups of tea too…

Although I am trying to create a humorous diary of my antics as a youthful gay man living a colourful sex life in the UK’s capital, I am also here to speak about the friendly side of Grindr and the network of creative and interesting people that can be found through the App.

I am going to speak about a charming man I met a couple of months ago and where it got me. We had been doing the usual heavy flirting and cock-shot-swap that often comes about after a certain period of time on the Orange Icon and then one night, suddenly, his distance come up as 0mtrs. Naturally I rushed to his little profile pic, a cute smily one, and got chatting. Turned out he was on my street! I gazed out the window and low and behold that same little smily face was buried nose deep in his iPhone right outside my house. I mean, what are the chances?

Being the confident man I am, called to him and encouraged him to come up. I felt a little like an Amsterdam Madam luring potentially riotous stags into the velvet lair of one of her ‘finest mares’, I did however manage to override these thoughts and popped the kettle on.  Turned out he had been at a mates for dinner and was walking to the bus, the chances in this bold city are amazingsometimes. So we chatted for about 30 minutes, had a hot brew and talked of everything other than the fact that one or the other of us really wanted to get down under the table on our knees. We resisted and after some humours and flirty chatter he left. It was a really nice little random meeting, a tiny pocket of age old human curiosity executed through a piece of modern technology.

I love meetings like this. Sexually charged but somehow don’t quite make it there. They remind you that this App is for meeting people, what you do when you meet them is entirely up to you….

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I have created a Facebook account for the blog.

Search for Grund Buff.

Add me, I’ll keep you posted. Ba bum chish!!!

Cheers fellas.

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Boxing day…

AKA: Bonking Day.

This Christmas was a joyous one with all the trimmings, the tree, the presents and the copious amount of lube. Safe to say I enjoyed it.

After spending a lovely 25th Dec with the parents, drinking and cavorting I felt the tug of the irresistible little orange icon in my pocket. Now this usually spells an hour or so of flicking between boys and finding little of interest, however this particular activation led me to find a young man who lived in the house to the back of my parents, nothing like shitting on your own doormat huh?! We found out we were both struggling with having spent a day in the company of well meaning family members and were finding the semi in our trousers irresistible. I was then, within minutes, offered to be collected in a car outside the house and driven to a lay-by to have sex with this (not unattractive) man on the back seat. Now I will remind you, this is Christmas Day! And it was for this reason I declined his amorous advances and went back to the mince pies, after a sneaky tommy tank of course. I felt satisfied at my strength of resistance.

This then slid inevitably into Boxing Day…after spending the day hard at work, I was in the capital, it was cold and I was lonely.  Out comes the orange and this time I meant business.

One of my regular Grindr buddies had left me a message about a threesome. I voted with my feet and before I even typed those three fateful letters (Y-E-S) my boots were going on….

I arrived to find two boys lounging with polo noses and skimpy knickers, a smile crossed my face as I took in the vista, a banquet of all things bad lay in front of me waiting to be devoured. I was offered a drink and a line and had my clothes gently removed. We played by the rules of ‘no line without a BJ’, this meant at least one gob on my knob with every ‘added extra’ from the mirror. This was hot, and truly decadent, I imagined a yacht in the 80’s, totally yuppie. Amazing.

The playtimes began, with me up top, unusual at this time in my sexual history. I was hammering away having the time of my life and then was suddenly stopped, we were having a minor issue with bowls from the boy below. Gutted. This called a halt to our games as our third wheel bolted from the room in horror. He left our three as two so who did we call on? Our little orange friend.

Safe to say it only took us 5 minutes to lure another lad into our realms of filthy behaviour, but there was a hitch, he only fancied me. I smiled again, always nice to be deemed (unofficially) the hottest man in the room. Then, out of the blue, my Grindr goes off. It’s the cute German that had been in touch on the other phone, his number and his location and a demand to ditch the ‘troll’ and come join him AND his hot friend! My head was full of fuzz and my loins were oiled for a good time, I made my excuses and quickly ambled round the corner to threesome number two.

Again, quite the vista presented itself along with the bedroom door. Two naked Germans (very hot) and a magnum of Champagne, after all it was Christmas so naturally I got stuck in. It was late and we were very pepped up, the action was intense, but over quickly (as was the Champagne), I felt unsurprisingly tired so politely shook hands with the boys and congratulated myself on having a great time even though I saw no mistletoe this festive season.

This was one of the most sexually charged nights of my life up until this point. Something to never tell the grand kids about, but something I had to share. And for my first post, it’s not a bad one.

I hope this entertained and amused, but I know one thing, I enjoyed it more!





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GroundBeef101, finally here.

The First Day…

My first ever blog entry is to welcome you all to the world of GroundBeef101. I have set up this site to speak to world about my adventures brought about the iPhone App Grindr. As most of you know this is an app that uses GPS to find all the local gay men (wherever you are) and chat with them instantly. This has lead me down many entertaining paths and some dark alleys!

Creating a diary of my adventures, as they happen, is my aim, however since I joined Grindr in October 2010 I have managed to end up in many interesting situations, so here the story begins….

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